2024 National Series Underage Exemption Policy and Tournament Options

Since 2021, the PKBGT Executive Committee, in evaluating our PKBGT Classifications, Exemptions & Age Protocols, has offered high performing underage players a process by which to compete in national level competition through the PKBGT.  The system is not designed as a way for younger players to “play up” but an effort to provide elite, high performing 10 & 11 year old’s whose skill has rendered the current 9-hole and local/regional tournaments available to them based on their age not appropriate for their development.

The Peggy Kirk Bell Girls’ Golf Tour has continually evolved to provide the best possible experience for our membership.  From the creation of the Prep division in 2014 to the creation of the Regional Series in 2016, our goal is to provide a competitive environment that meets the needs of all our members.  Since we do not use traditional age divisions, but yardage and skill based divisions, having clear metrics that allow players to properly move through the competitive pathway is very important.

We are excited to announce multiple opportunities for elite under-age players to compete in a competitive, nationally ranked environment in 2024!

The 2024 Futures National Series will again feature select events for underage players to apply for participation.

Additionally, the PKBGT/NB3 Girls National Championship and Regional Qualification Series which will offer a 10-11 age division.  Please see the information below for qualification criteria and schedules:


  • The PKBGT will offer select Futures National fields during the PKBGT National season that will offer limited access to elite 10 & 11 year old girl golfers who do not meet the age requirement for Classification 3 status.
  • Elite is defined by a top 10 finisher in the U.S. Kids World Championship or other nationally recognized 12 & under championship as determined by the PKBGT Tour Committee.
  • Eligible events will be labeled on the tournament page as a “Futures National Underage Exempt” event.  Players will be able to apply for a sponsor exemption into these fields.  The PKBGT Tour Committee will have sole discretion on the number of under-age exemptions available and the recipients of these exemptions.
  • To apply for an exemption, please visit the Underage Exemption Player Request Form to submit your participant resume.
Underage Exemption Player Request Form


Players do not need a PKBGT Underage Exemption to compete the in the PKBGT/NB3 Girls National Championship featured with a 2-hour show on the Golf Channel!  Players qualify for the National Championship event, to be held at Coushatta Resort in Kinder, Louisiana on November 2-4, 2024, through Regional Finals held throughout the country.

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact Tour Director Mike Parker at mparker@pkbgt.org or by calling 336-347-8537. We look forward to a great 2024!






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