How to Prepare for College Golf: The First Month of Summer

Article by Samantha Bonham

Many golfers are beginning to make the transition between junior golf and collegiate golf. This was something that no one had really prepared me for. The summer before entering into college, not only are you worried about your new roommate, getting the necessary school supplies, and what college life will be like but you are also worried about making the cut on the team. To help you make the cut, there are some things that you should do throughout the summer. Because you have not officially entered college, this is your final summer to play in junior tournaments. That is exactly what you should do. Granted, the level of competition in junior golf is much different than that of collegiate golf but it will help to keep your game fresh. At the beginning of the summer, plan what events you would like to enter and put them on your calendar. Other important dates for your calendar are student orientation and move-in day; plan tournaments around these dates. Having these things planned out can also help you plan your practice schedule. Write down the times and what you plan on practicing for each day on the calendar as well. This helps keep you on track with working on each part of your game and the things that you know you need extra practice with. Make sure to plan on receiving a lesson in the beginning, middle, and end of summer. Unfortunately, not all coaches are sympathetic to your needs of getting lessons so this may be your last chance to get one in awhile.





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