2017 Season Primer: Event Entry Policies

As we begin the 2017 season on the PKBGT, we would like to lay out a few key policies and procedures for the Tour, including a few changes,  that will help you navigate the tour this season.  We are excited about the many new opportunities in this our 11th season.  With the continued growth of the tour, now with over 600 active participants, new Series and events are being offered to provide the best experience for all our members!

Priority Based Entry

The PKBGT Priority Based Entry system exists to create a registration method for Championship & elite national Classic events.  This system guarantees our top players are ensured the strongest fields for these events to promote ranking growth and national exposure by having some of the strongest fields on the East Coast. For example, the PKBGT Invitational, PKBGT Tournament of Champions and Tarheel Classic were all top 75 events in the country in 2016 and most of the PKBGT Championships were inside the Top 200.

For each event that uses the Priority system, a players ranking on the PKBGT Performance Index, National Junior Golf Scoreboard and other ranking factors will be considered to determine the field. Please note the registration deadline for these events has been moved forward a week to accommodate the waiting list players to provide adequate time to arrange travel plans. Read the full explanation about PKBGT Priority Based Entry by clicking here.


Standard Deadlines

Below are the standard deadlines for the different type events on the PKBGT

Event Type Closing Date
(Prior To Closing)
Discount Deadline
(Prior To Closing)
Championships 26 Days with Priority Based Entry
19 Days without
Classics 19 Days with Priority Based Entry
12 Days without
45 Days
One-Day’s 5 Days 45 Days



Withdraw Policy

Below is the official PKBGT policy for withdrawing from events either prior to or at an event.  ALL withdrawals will be accessed a $25 processing fee.

  • Withdrawal BEFORE the Event Deadline – Any player withdrawing before the event deadline will be granted a tour credit to be used at a future event or a refund minus a $25 processing fee.
  • Withdrawal BEFORE the Withdrawal Deadline – Any player withdrawing after the event close date and before the withdraw deadline will be charged a $25 processing fee. The remaining balance will be placed as a credit on their PKBGT account.
  • Withdrawal AFTER the Withdraw Deadline – Any player withdrawing after the withdraw deadline will not be entitled to any tour credit. Many courses require the Tour to lock-in an amount of players and thus the Tour is charged for this amount. Individual cases will be considered on a case by case basis.
  • Withdrawal AT an event – Any player wishing to withdrawal from an event during competition must do so directly with a tournament or rules official.  Your scorecard and the player you are marking for must be attested before leaving your group.  Failure to do so will result in a “No Card (NC)” and will be reported to the rankings systems.  Note – All withdrawals are reported to the ranking systems without note to the justification for them and listed on your tournament listing as such.  You will need to explain all WD’s on your personal tournament resume to coaches directly.


Next Post: Player Classification/Status & Tournament Options

Our next post will focus on the different levels of competition and player classifications within the PKBGT.  Players can compete at various levels on the PKBGT Performance Pathway and can earn advancement through play on and off the PKBGT.  Make sure to check back for more information.








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