Pre-Order Yardage Books for PKBGT National Events

//Pre-Order Yardage Books for PKBGT National Events

Pre-Order Yardage Books for PKBGT National Events

The Peggy Kirk Bell Girls’ Golf Tour is excited to announce our new partnership with Book of Yardage, a detailed yardage book provider that will create custom, informative yardage books for PKBGT members to use in all PKBGT National Events.

Parallel to Book of Yardage’s slogan “Offering key intel you can’t get with a rangefinder,” each book will outline specific details of each course (including slope and fairway width) and will provide valuable course knowledge to benefit players. PKBGT members will have the option to pre-order books directly from Book of Yardage’s website at a discount for $15.

“We think girls will really benefit from using the books not only during tournament rounds, but also to get familiar with mapping out greens and working on course management to prepare for college golf,” said Tour Director Mike Parker.

What if I don’t understand how to read the books?

Each book comes equipped with a legend on the first page. The legend provides valuable information about interpreting the different numbers listed in the book.


  • You are playing hole 18 (see image) and are playing it at 503 yds.
  • All distances correspond to the back tee box, so if you are playing a shorter tee box, you must calculate the difference.
  •  In this instance, when calculating your distances to a certain marker (icon with a number and backward arrow  you will subtract 67 yards from each of those numbers to see the distance you need to hit to reach those markers.
  • Example: I’m trying to reach the 195yd marker from the tee box, soI subtract 67 yards from 271.

Therefore, I need to hit it 204 yards to reach the 195 mark (195 yards to green).

Books are now on sale for pre-order for Tournament of Champions at Pinehurst #8.


To order:





If you have any questions in regards to ordering or using the books, please call or email PKBGT Development Coordinator Emily Brooks at or at (336) 347-8537.









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