This week, we will focus on the PKBGT points and rankings systems used on the tour and what they mean.  In addition, we will highlight the PKBGT Championship event schedule and how you can qualify for these exclusive, highly ranked events.  One of the biggest factors collegiate coaches use to elevate players is how they do head to head against their peers at 6,000 yards or more.  PKBGT Championships have become a proving ground for the top players in the East and are most popular events for attendance by the collegiate coaches.

ORDER OF MERIT CHANGES – The PKBGT Order of Merit will be changing for 2014 into a streamlined, points based system for each Series offered.  A separate Order of Merit will be calculated for the Bell Spring Series, Bell Prep Series & the Futures Series.  Players standing on the Order of Merit within an individual series will be based on the Top-5 event point totals earned during a series schedule.  For example, for the Bell Spring Series there are 16 total events, meaning a player’s best 5 results will make up their total points earned.  The player with the highest total will be named Bell Spring Series Order of Merit champion.  Events have different weights based on the type of event (Championship events being the largest, One-Day Open Series events the lowest).  The new system will be active on the web site in early 2014 at

PKBGT PERFORMANCE INDEX – New for 2014, the PKBGT will be adding a Performance Index as the official ranking system of the PKBGT.  The Index will rate all players on tour over the last 12 months together, regardless of the division played.  The Index will use the players scores related to course difficulty (scoring differential), points earned at PKBGT events (how you compare to your peers) and win bonus (bonuses for winning events in any division) to create a rankings list.  The Performance Index will be used as a way for coaches to compare players on the tour no matter the division played as well as provide a formula for players to earn status into PKBGT Championships and other top events.  The new PKBGT Performance Index will be introduced in early 2014.  Stayed tuned for the first listing!!

QUALIFYING FOR PKBGT CHAMPIONSHIPS – With only 8 PKBGT Championship events on the schedule for 2014, earning entry will be a top priority for tour members in all PKBGT divisions.  PKBGT Championships are split up into 3 categories, the regular Championships, series ending Championships and Invitational’s.  For regular PKBGT Championships, we use a Priority Based Entry platform for the Bell & Futures divisions, meaning any player may register for the event but a particular manner will be used to select the field.  For regular PKBGT Championships, players inside the Top-500 on Junior Golf Scoreboard will be guaranteed entry at the time of registration provided the field is not full.  The remaining spots will be filled at the event deadline by the tournament committee based on PKBGT Performance Index standing, Order of Merit standing within your series & national ranking. If more players have registered than spots are available, a waiting list will be kept.  Full refunds will be provided for any player who does not get into the field.

For series ending PKBGT Championships, added preference will be given to players ranking of the Order of Merit for that series and players must have current PKBGT standing to participate.  For the Tour Championship, entry preference will be made based on current Series standings.  For the Tournament of Champions, players will earn entry to this event solely through their play during the 2014 season.  Players can guarantee entry by winning a PKBGT event or finishing in the Top-3 at a PKBGT Championship.  In addition, players can earn conditional status by finishing runner-up in a PKBGT Classic event or winning a Bell Division event in 2013.  Learn all the ways to qualify for the 2014 PKBGT Tournament of Champions, to be played September 13-14, at

Lastly, the PKBGT Invitational is the premier event on the PKBGT calendar.  Held the second weekend of November each year, the invitational is open to an elite field and attracts the top collegiate programs to gauge future collegiate players in the true collegiate elements.  Playing from 6,200 in the late fall, the course conditions and elite field provide the ideal recruiting venue for collegiate coaches looking for apples to apples comparison of players to the collegiate game.  Again in 2014, the PKBGT Invitational will be the start of the 2015 season for the Bell Division.  Players may earn entry through strong play during the PKBGT season or by winning events inside and out of the PKBGT.  In addition, individual qualifiers will be held in the Fall for players to have additional chances to earn entry into the field.  Learn all the ways to qualify for the PKBGT invitational at

PKBGT CHAMPIONSHIPS SCHEDULE – The 8 Championships on tap for the 2014 schedule include:

Rocket Tour Players PKBGT Masters PKBGT Open Championships
February 15-16 April 12-13 May 24-26 (Bell)
May 24-25 (Futures)


Precision Jr Girls PKBGT Match Play
June 19-20 July 5-7


PKBGT Tour Championship PKBGT Tournament of Champions PKBGT Invitational
August 11-13 September 13-14 November 8-10


** Click here for a PKBGT Championship schedule and registration and qualification information **


If you have any questions about our events, rankings or Championships and how they are relevant to you or your player, please contact me at or call our offices at 336-347-5387.  We look forward to seeing everyone on the links in 2014!!!


Mike Parker

PKBGT Tour Director